Monday, August 10, 2009

Unleash Hell: Luvox and Knuckles Part 2

Old habits die hard. I still resort at the end of 2002 to using 'here's some we prepared earlier' loops in my creation of 'tunes' for Luvox and Knuckles, albeit more sparingly and with a more confident grasp of effects, largely reverb and chorus. Here are some example from November of that year. The first is Luvox, the second Knuckles.

B Grade Movie

Primitive Theory

I really needed to access greater music and loop creation software, IBM Craptiva's protestations notwithstanding. Enter Bayou Ben in early 2003. He got me in touch with the goods I needed. With painstaking effort (and many a late night session) I come up with 'It's Who You Don't Know'. (It, along with the greater number of Luvox 'tunes' referenced in this post live on The sounds now come more slowly, but also more thoughtfully (although that might not appear to be the case). I also at this stage on produce and engineer exclusively through the use of headphones. You might want to do the same in listening to tracks. That and/or really crank up the volume.

Here are some tracks that date to the time around 'It's Who You Don't Know'.



I was really excited. But with excitement would easily come greater disappointment with stuff that didn't work. One tune - 'Stool McCluskey' - really irritated me, and still does.I just couldn't get it right. 'Tendon' became the blueprint for 'Tendonitis (Luvox vs. Knuckles Remix)', a superior piece of work. Check it out, if you want.

What followed was a period of concentrated activity and intensity, as I started to sort out the innards of the software I had to hand. The body of work from this time started with the playfulness of 'A Word From Our Sponsor' and the doof from hell of 'Daddy, What's the Economy?'. It also coincided with the posting of Luvox and Knuckles' tracks on That being said, there is not a lot from that period that holds up well today. For Luvox, I can still look back with fondness on and listen to 'A Word From Our Sponsor', 'Daddy, What's the Economy?' and 'Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer'. As for the Knuckles set at the time, it still commands my respect - especially 'Triumph of the Gutless Over the Weary of Heart' and 'The Relentless Ego (Knuckles vs. Knuckles 1987 Primitive Theory Mix)' - which is probably due to there being less material by Knuckles as contrasted with the 'churn them out' number of Luvox output.

2004 -5 is an interesting time for both Luvox and Knuckles. It certainly seems that way in retrospect. Previously both projects were aimed at filling a meaningful void in my life. From late 2003 onwards, they became part-time propositions as I became more active in conducting Continuing Education classes at U of Q. But also I was really developing my command of the 'Luvox sound'. I was learning more about my craft, and becoming less reliant on the music I was listening to. Take these two numbers, the first being from Luvox, the second from Knuckles.

Neo-Conservative Dub Reaction

Insurgent Carpark

'Insurgent Carpark' would be reworked to become 'Sound of Necessity' for Luvox. (I am really proud of 'Sound of Necessity'. Carl really liked it as well. 'Sound of Necessity' and 'The Old Is New Is Old' are strong members of the set at the time.)

The relationship between Luvox and Knuckles would often work that way. Something envisaged for Knuckles would, more often than not, become attributed to Luvox. A Luvox track could just as easily - but, in actuality, very rarely - make an appearance in the Knuckles repertoire. If anything, Knuckles would function as a 'remixer' of Luvox 'tunes'. Here, lucky punters, are some examples from the last active days of Luvox.

Tickets Available From the Usual Outlets (Clean Mix)

Tickets Available From the Usual Outlets (Knuckles' Intrinsic Value Mix)

Sum Res Cogitans

Warning, This Is A Smoking Movie (remix)

Both mixes of 'Tickets...' have not been released on the internet before. 'Sum Res Cogitans' would later be remixed and become 'Sum Res Cogitans (Knuckles' Epiphenomenalism Mix)'. That is a good mix that subdues the overblown synth menace of the original.

Luvox and Knuckles have been inactive for some time now. They have not disbanded. They have just been overtaken by more pressing circumstances. So please consider them as ongoing propositions. Until I tell the computer 'You're out of the band', by which time it will retort 'You can't sack me...I quit!'.

Now to play some real music.